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Attendance and Tardy Information

Attendance and Tardy Information.pdf (Print Version)

How can I leave a message about my student’s daily attendance?

Please call the attendance line at 586-797-1399. Follow the numeric prompts to leave a request for an early dismissal or an all-day absence.

How often is the attendance line checked?
The attendance line is checked constantly during the school day.

Do I need to call the school to verify that the call went through?
It is not necessary to call the school to verify. You can verify at the end of the day using your student’s PowerSchool account.

When will the request be logged in PowerSchool?
All calls will be logged in your student’s PowerSchool account by the end of the school’s office hours (3:30 p.m.) on the day the request is made. If you do not see it logged right away after your call, we would appreciate your patience, as it may take several hours from the time the call is placed.

Why does it take so long to see a late arrival logged in my student’s PowerSchool? Late arriving students and students returning from an early dismissal need to sign in when they arrive in the main office. Typically, late arrivals are the last thing to be put in to PowerSchool at the end of the day, after verifying on the sign-in sheet.

What if I left a message and the request wasn’t put in?
If request hasn’t been fulfilled by the following day, please call the school office and let them know. They would be more than happy to remedy that for you.

No credit (NC) on a report card is a direct result of unexcused absences. The process of loss of credit begins with credit review.
Students are reminded that at three unexcused absences (skips, etc.) a student is put on credit review. If unexcused absences persist, a potential loss of credit can result even if academically passing the class.

The following guidelines are implemented on a semester basis.

Parents will be notified of unexcused absences. In order to receive credit in a class, two criteria must be met:
- Passing grades
-Acceptable attendance

A student will be placed on credit review in one of the following ways and the parent/guardian will be notified:
1. For Credit Review every three tardies will count as one unexcused absence.
2. All students are limited to ten (10 parent excused, unexcused, or truant) absences per class period each semester. Upon the eleventh absence in any class period the student loses credit in that class. The student will be required to continue to attend and pass the class to be eligible for the appeal process. In order to earn credit, the student must follow the proper appeal procedure. 
3.  When a student has accumulated between seven and ten absences* in any one class per semester: the student’s assistant/associate principal will meet with the student. The assistant/associate principal may use this opportunity to warn for any class that is at five absences or more (the warning should be added to the letter that will be sent, there will not be an additional meeting when the student reaches seven to ten absences in those classes). A letter signed by the student and assistant/associate principal will be scanned and emailed home (mailed in the case of no email address on file). 
4. When a student has accumulated eleven absences* in any one class over the course of a semester, a letter will be sent via email (or US mail should no email be on file) stating the student must follow the appeal process in order to earn credit in that class. 

A student who is placed on credit review in a class will be expected to show improved attendance in that class for the remainder of the semester. Any student who is placed on credit review status in any class will have his/her parking privileges reviewed with possible loss of that privilege for five weeks.
1. Attend Homework Lunch for two days (whole lunch) for one hour absence reduction.
2. Attend after school tutoring at school with a teacher for one hour absence reduction.
3. Attend Saturday School for a three-hour absence reduction. Students who have been assigned Saturday School for other reasons, cannot use attendance on those days towards absence reduction (no “double dipping”).

At the end of the semester, a final determination regarding credit will be made after an administrative review of the student’s attendance, and one of the following will happen:
1. The student will receive the letter grade earned in the class if the administrative review determines the student has fulfilled all class requirements and attendance has improved.
2. The student will receive no credit (NC) if the administrative review shows attendance did not improve.
3. An F will be given if a student failed the class.

Students will be required to provide verifiable documentation with the appeal form they submit. The basic idea is one hour of time allows for one hour of absence reductions. Each school will publish their absence reduction options at the beginning of the year in the school newsletter and/or school website. Other options for absence reduction may be available with prior administrator approval. Students cannot bank absence forgiveness in anticipation of future absences.

1. Tardiness is defined as not being in the assigned area at the ringing of the bell.
2. In order to have an excused first hour, student must provide medical documentation.
3. A student who is more than ten (10) minutes late to class will be charged with an unexcused absence.
4. When authorized personnel detain a student, he/she will receive a pass from that person to the next class and the tardiness will not be counted.
5. Tardiness to class will be addressed in the following manner:
- A parent/guardian will be notified regarding excessive tardiness to class.
- 12 tardies — a one day Saturday School.
- 16 tardies — two day out of school suspension with a mandatory parent conference to be held.
- 20 tardies — three days out of school suspension.

1. Upon evidence that a student has skipped a class, that student
- Not receive participation credit for that day.
- Not be permitted to make up missed work.
2. Upon evidence that a student has been suspended from a class, that student will:
- Not receive participation credit for that day.
- Be permitted to make up missed work. However, the student will receive 70% of the grade earned for that completed work (for example, if the earned grade is 85%, the grade given will be 60%).
- Be allowed to take the semester final exam for full credit.

Lunch & Early Dismissals

       Students cannot leave Eisenhower High School to get lunch during the school day.  The UCS Senior High Handbook states that:

All UCS Schools Operate a Closed Campus During the School Day

       Students must remain in the building during the lunch period.  Though a parent can come to the school to pick up their student at any time, students will not be released to get lunch outside of school.  Additionally, the delivery of outside food by restaurants or food delivery services is not permitted.  A parent may drop off lunch for their student, but the student will be asked to eat their lunch in the main office if it is from a restaurant.

Acceptable Reasons for an Early Dismissal

According to UCS Board of Education Policy 5115, the following are acceptable reasons for an early dismissal:

· Student’s illness at school

· Hospitalization

· Doctor ordered bed rest

· Mandatory court appearance that has been pre-arranged

· Death in the immediate family

· Family vacation that has been pre-arranged and approved

· Administrative permission

· Doctor and dental appointments

These are the reasons we will accept an early dismissal.  Any reason not included above must be approved by an Administrator or will be cause for the student receiving an unexcused absence.  Lunch is not one of the reasons listed above and will result in an unexcused absence/skip.