Ike Class of 2019 shows what it means to soar like an Eagle
Ike Class of 2019 shows what it means to soar like an Eagle
Posted on 06/08/2019
O'rena filled with Ike grads

What does it mean to be an Eisenhower Eagle?

Speaking to her graduating class of 2019, Commencement speaker Isabella DeFalco offered a definition for her fellow graduates. 

“Being an Eisenhower student doesn’t just mean you went to IKE. Being an eagle means hard work, nothing comes easy,” she said.  “If you want something, you go for it. It means treating others with kindness, because the world is a better place when we work together. It means never giving up, even on your hardest days when you feel like it would just be easier to give in. It means we know our strengths, and we will stop at nothing to get what we want.  We set the standards high for future Eagles. We are now growing to be the adults that lead this generation.”

Principal Jared McEvoy noted the accomplishments of the 638 members of the Class of 2019:

80 Valedictorians and one Salutatorian; 
¬Eight Macomb County All-Academic Team members;  
Four of the top 20 students on the County wide All Academic Dream Team are Eisenhower Eagles; 
Three National Merit Finalists and one National Merit Award Winner;
More than 220 students were IKE’s Brightest Academic Scholars, which means they have maintained a grade point average of 3.67 or above for all four years;
125 students are UCS AP Scholars having earned a 3.67 GPA in four or more Advanced Placement Classes;
164 seniors are members of the National Honor Society;
288 seniors possess a cumulative grade point average of a 3.5 or higher and are graduating with honor;
109 are Presidential Award winners having a 3.67 GPA or higher and having earned a 1260 or higher on the SAT or at least a 26 on the ACT test;
95% of students will pursue higher education attending universities in our state and places all around the country.  In addition, Eisenhower students going into apprenticeships, trade schools and the military;
Graduates earned in excess of $3.5 million in scholarships.

“I continue to be awe struck by just how amazing our students really are and just how lucky I am to have the privilege to work with all of you on a daily basis,” McEvoy told the graduates. “Eagles, you are a truly incredible group of young men and women, who have accomplished things equally as incredible, and no doubt will continue to do so.”  

Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns encouraged graduates to honor and celebrate the traditions of their lives as they pursue college and careers.  
“Your family traditions passed down for generations, the countries where your ancestors lived, or the values your family upholds, all represent your cultural heritage and play a defining role on who you are now,” she said.  “Remember the significance of your identity, graduates. Indeed, you are remarkable individuals with a wide range of interests, talents, achievements and goals. But you are united by Utica Community Schools, Eisenhower High School, and the drive to become the very best versions of yourselves.”

Board of Education Dr. Robert Ross compared the journey of 2019 graduates to a poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. 

“Each of you took your own path, the road less traveled so to speak, and as the poet said, that has made all of the difference,” Dr. Ross said. “Life is not a race to the end, we know what our common destiny is, it’s the road that you travel- the journey – that matters. Choose wisely and enjoy the ride.”
Quoting a Bob Marley song, commencement speaker Cayla Kadets talked about the “middle years” at Eisenhower High School as the time students experienced the most growth. 

“The mark we make in life, the highs and lows, the lessons along the way and, ultimately, what we will become is found smack dab in the middle,” she said.   “In the middle of our next experience and in the middle of our lives, for it is the middle that truly matters.”

Congratulations Eisenhower High School graduates

Amber Rose Abramowicz 2 4 SCL
Sarah Jessica Agrusa 1 2 4 6 SCL
Abraham Bishir Ahmed MCL
Ashlynn Paige Akey
Kevin Kennedy Alexandrowicz
Sebastiano Alia
Julian Alikaj
Madison Leigh Altman 1 2 4 7 SCL
Justin Mark Amato
Rebeka Dawn Ancevski CL
Daniel Steven Angeli
Michael Dante Angeli
Sophia Rose Asta
Antonio Joulian Atieh
Luke Joseph Ayar
Joseph Samuel Azar
Alexander Charles Baase
Isabella Athena Bachi
Mehrad Bagher Ebadian
Daniel Tyler Bainbridge 6
Bethany Fay Baker
John Jaggar Bakun
Krzysztof Czeslaw Baran
Marcus Anthony Barker
Andrea Barreto Tufino 4 CL
Jacob Stephen Bartlett MCL
Olivia Ann Barton
Skylar Angel Bashi
Alyssa Holly Battani 4 MCL
Brett Robert Beardsley 4 MCL
Robert George Beckemeyer 1 2 4 5 SCL
Amanda Emily Beger 1 2 4 5 SCL
Julianna Michele Belanger 4 CL
Anthony Steven Beller 1 2 5 SCL
Joshua Lee Bely 6 MCL
William John Bergler CL
Vera Berishaj 4 MCL
Dario Giacomo Bianchini
Alex Bibashani
Dylan Donald Bilot
Diana Sophia Biondo CL
Alexis Sophia Birecki
Zachary John Blast 4 6 MCL
Zackery Alan Bogden 4 5 MCL
Jillian Rose Bologna
Nicholas Paul Boor 1 4 SCL
Arthur Joseph Borbolla III 1 2 4 5 SCL
Julia Paige Bové 1 2 4 SCL
Ana Sofia Boyer CL
Giuseppe Baldassare Bracco
Seth Patric Bradacs
Jonathan Wade Bradsher
Alexis Anne Brecht 1 2 4 5 SCL
Nathaniel Franklin Britton 1 2 4 5 SCL
Caitlyn Rose Brontkowski
Avery Marie Brothers 4 SCL
Riley Dae Brown MCL
Zoey Grae Brown MCL
Ian Garrett Brunette
Amelia Susann Bruni 1 4 SCL
Romina Giovanna Bruno MCL
Emma Rose Budnick
John Patrick Burke 1 SCL
Shelby Lynne Burress
Michael Robert Busch 1 2 4 SCL
Carson Thomas Butler MCL
Gavin Boyd Butterfield
Akleo Enxhell Bylyku 1 2 SCL
John Cacevic CL
Calvin Cai
Joseph Cammarata Jr
Emma Grace Campbell 4 CL
Marino Anthony Cappellaro
Alessandra Maria Cappussi 1 2 4 SCL
Alexander Hayden Carabott 4 5 CL
Chad Michael Casey CL
Alyssa Zaklina Castaneda
Anna Natalia Catenacci 1 2 7 SCL
Amanda Susanne Catey 1 2 4 7 SCL
Kevin Richard Causley
Gabriel Celaj 6
Blake Steven Chapie
Angela Marie Chirco
Zachary Aric Chomiak
Zackary Constantinos Christodolu 1 4 5 SCL
Lauren Ashley Chrzanowski CL
Joshua Mitchel Chunn CL
Giuseppe Antonino Ciaramitaro 1 2 6 SCL
Connor John Cieslak
Louise Amalia Cioban 1 2 4 SCL
James Joseph Ciraulo
Mattie Grace Clark 1 6 MCL
Kylee Morrison Clum
Ryann Eve Coakley
Kiarra Javonne Coger 1 2 4 5 SCL
Paige Marie Coleman 4 CL
Garrett Anthony Coletti MCL
James Hugh Collins IV 1 4 MCL
Megan Judith Collins
Emma Von Collis 4 SCL
Ian Mark Conkey 1 4 SCL
David William Constantine
Erin Anne Cook 1 2 4 7 SCL
Santina Joanna Cottone
Sara Nicole Couch
Gabriella Marina Cracchiolo 1 4 CL
Kyle Raymond Czartoryski
Brittney Elizabeth Czegus
Gabriel Czernicki
Massimo Fernando D'Aristotile 4 MCL
Nicholas Robert Daleo
Hunter Michael Daly
Mitchell Thomas Darga
Caitlin Elizabeth Darr
Isabela Capelozi De Freitas
Lauren Jaqueline DeBeau CL
Nicole Alexandra Dedenbach 7 MCL
Isabella Rose DeFalco CL
Andrew Jacob Del Papa
Jazmine Allyse Delbeke
Zachary Michael Dellach
Madison Grace DeMasse 4 CL
Diana Jade Demey 1 CL
Megan Elizabeth Denehy 1 4 MCL
Mark Joseph Denha Jr.
Caitlin Alexa Denison 1 2 4 SCL
Alexia Christine Densteadt 7 CL
Paul Curtis DeSaele 4 6 CL
Vikrant Desai 1 2 4 7 SCL
Ashley Nicole DeWitte 4 SCL
Madison Joy Dickinson
Nickolas Christopher DiClemente
Jacqueline Marie DiGiovanni 4 MCL
Andrew Robert DiLabio CL
Anthony Charles DiLiddo
Lorenzo Mario DiLisio 1 4 SCL
Bianca Laura Di Maio
Giovanna Norina DiMaria 1 4 SCL
Sophia Dimovich 4 7 SCL
Isadora Dimovski 1 2 4 7 SCL
Isabella Lucia DiNatale
Maria Louise DiNello 1 MCL
Angelina Quynh Anh Dinh 1 2 4 SCL
Jordyn Marissa Dionne
Dominic Joseph DiPiero
Arben Djokovic
Maria Isabel Domerese
Angela Doncic CL
Alexander Dordeski
Rachel Ann Dornan MCL
Amanda Christine Dowdican 1 2 4 7 SCL
Kaelen Mackenzie Duda
Joseph Michael Dudgeon
Jacquelyn Arrington Dueweke
Ashleigh Lauryn Duffy CL
Abigail Rose Dunn 4 MCL
Michael Joseph Dunnigan 1 2 4 SCL
Marissa Nicole Durand 4 MCL
Ian Michael Dykas 6 SCL
Tina Jihad Eid 4 MCL
Richard Robert Elmhirst
Chad Lee Embree
Alexus Mariam Essak
Antonino Evola
Sarah Marion Faloon 4 MCL
Olivia Nicole Farenger
Mariah Nicole Feeley CL
Faith Marie Ferguson 1 2 SCL
Blake Joseph Fettig
Derrick Hunter Fetz 5 MCL
Thomas Michael Fezzey 4 6 CL
Parker Ryan Fiedrich 1 2 4 5 SCL
Dominic Anthony Finazzo
Elena Anne Finazzo
Austin Warren Fite
Anthony Jacob Fornari
Zachary Jered Fortress
Elizabeth Grace Foster 4 SCL
Grant Anthony Fowler
Zachary Bryan Fowler
Amanda Maxine Elizabeth Fredal 4 CL
Marquaila Monique Frith-Miller
Alexandra Miana Fulgos
Logan Michael Furrer
Justin Christopher Gallinagh
Christopher Zlato Galovski
Samantha Gina Gambaro 4 MCL
Shemajd Tamar-Jhyles Gantt
Elena Lynn Garontakos
Christopher Stanley Garoufalis
Jackson Phillip Gavan
Christian John George 1 2 4 7 SCL
Maria Atef Roshdy Nasif Gerges 1 2 4 7 SCL
Sydney Breanna Getaw
Emma Rose Giacchina
Tyler David Gifford 6
Sartaj Singh Gill MCL
Delaney Marie Gizzi 1 4 MCL
Christian Lek Gjelaj 1 MCL
Dranilda Gjelaj
Nikoll Gjonaj CL
Maja Gjorgjevski 4 MCL
Tyler Michael Gjorgjevski
Simone Glavas 7
Amber Louise Gogo SCL
Brianna Sarah Gould
Patrick Xavier Grabowski 6
Noah Francis Grace
Ana Sofia Grajeda Vargas
Anthony Frank Greco
Alyssa Delores Greene
Rachel Lauren Gualtieri
Anthony Jeffrey Guerra
Asia Amalia Guerra
Abby Christina Guilliaems 4 CL
Emma Kathryn Guilliaems 4 MCL
Martin Gurini
Ethan Ronald Gurne 1 2 4 5 SCL
Jack Hunter Guzdziol 4 MCL
Delaney Ann Guzik
Celina Anne Haddad
Grace Kristine Hall
Sabrina Ann Hall 1 4 MCL
Heather Dawn Hamade 7 SCL
Sarah Dawn Hamade 1 2 SCL
Emily Grace Hamilton 1 4 7 MCL
Ayrton Cam Hamrick 5
Carina Lizbeth Hanna 7
Seth Keaton Hannish
Nicholas Benjamin Hartley
Alexis Marie Hartwell MCL
Robert Martin Hathcock
Loryn Angela Hawley
Jack Richard Hellmann
Hannah Ruth Hemmerling CL
Alaina Rose Hempel 1 2 SCL
Carley Jayne Hendrickson
Clare Katherine Henry 1 2 4 SCL
Dominick Gene Hentkowski
Amanda Philips Hermiz MCL
Eric Speed Hernandez
Valeria Idaly Hernandez 1 2 4 SCL
Jared Bradford Hickok
Jefferson Montgomery Hill
Jeffrey Wesley Hillbom 5
Bryce Kenneth Himebaugh MCL
Rachel Lynn Hohensee
Lucas Joseph Horle 6
John Andrew Howell
Elena Vasiliki Hoxha
Onephefus Eby Hudson
Lance Edward Humpert 1 4 MCL
Joseph Timothy Hunter 1 2 4 SCL
Alexis Lauren Irwin
Madison Alexa Istamboulian MCL
Gabriel Patrick Ivezaj
Livia Nicole Ivezaj CL
Maya Ivezaj
Shelby Elizabeth Janeway MCL
Adam Robert Janicki
Elena Marie Jansen
Noah Ryan Jaron 6
Alexander David Jarvis CL
Joseph Michael Jaynes CL
Kent Eugenio Jayroe 1 2 SCL
Connor Michael Job
Andrew Vincent Johnson MCL
Brian Michael Jones 1 2 4 7 SCL
Savannah Julianna Jones
Mario Juncaj
Nicholas Nino Juncaj
Robert Juncaj
Cayla Katherine Kadets 1 2 4 7 SCL
Mandra Kado 4 CL
Lindsey Sarah Kamyszek 4 SCL
Ernad Kandzic
Joseph Raad Kassab
Aislin Rae Kearney 6
Nicole Lynn Kelly 1 2 4 SCL
Meagan Michele Kennedy 4 MCL
Ian Daniel Kennelly
Nicholas David Kerner 6
Vendela Linnea Kerner 4 MCL
Henry Thomas Kieliszewski SCL
Izabella Ra'ed Kildani
Benjamin Philip King 1 2 4 5 7 SCL
Gabrielle Elese Kitto SCL
Nicholas Viacheslav Klug
Aaron Young-Jin Ko CL
Kyle John Koch
Luis Koleci
Marissa Cheryl Kolinski CL
Paige Victoria Kolinski 1 SCL
Steven James Koppel 4 CL
Nicholas Pallipurathu Koshy 1 2 4 5 7 SCL
Jordan Steven Kostadinovski 1 2 4 7 SCL
Adam Jeffrey Kotas
Nickolas Demosthenes Kotsonis
Nolan Peter Kottke
Christa Megi Kovaci
Arina Aleksandrovna Kozina 4 7 MCL
Nicholas Ichabod Kraemer 1 6 MCL
Pamella Michelle Kraemer 1 2 4 7 SCL
Jared Thomas Kraski CL
Kaylihana Frances Krol
Alena Amera Krolczyk 6 CL
Jillian Alexandra Kromer 6 CL
Wade Owen Kruithoff CL
Isabella Loretta Krupa 1 2 4 7 SCL
Brenden Lawrence Kucken 1 2 4 6 SCL
Blake David Kuczaj
Joseph Robert Kudela 5
Dayton Matthew Kullman 1 4 SCL
Miranda Marie Kur
James Christopher Labon 4 MCL
Jason Michael LaForest 1 2 SCL
Jonas Grant Lange 4 MCL
James Thomas LaRocca 4 6 CL
Jacob Matthew Latorella
Jacob Robert Lawlor
Jessica My Le 1 MCL
Christian Tswjhwm Lee
Frederick Chuhue Lee
Justus Bobby Lee 4 CL
Jacob Michael Leitz
Lauren Marie Leonard 1 4 SCL
Linda Corinne Leone 4 CL
Gabrielle Lynn Lewandowski
James Edward Lewandowski 5 MCL
Anthony Thomas Lewis 6
Reilly Emerson Lewis 4 MCL
Michael Byron Leykauf
Bianca Marie Licari 1 2 4 SCL
Alessandra Elaina LiCavoli
Erik Lile
Skendi Lile 1 4 MCL
Anna Rae Lippert 2 SCL
Elizabeth Anne Loranger
Jozef Lulati
Dante Mark Lumetta 2 SCL
Sebastiano James Lumetta
Nathaniel Barrett Lutz
Shane Hunter MacFadyen 1 2 SCL
Matthew Edward Maciasz
Sophia Madellyne MacKinnon MCL
Dylan Benjamin Madurski
Stefan Michael Maiorano 4 6 SCL
Michael Christopher Major MCL
Kahmel Fred Makled
Nicholas Emanuel Mancani
Madison Renee Maniaci CL
Brenda Khalid Maqdasi SCL
Madison Rachel Marks 1 4 MCL
Dana Marku
Isabella Marku
Robert Ndue Marku 1 2 4 7 SCL
Andrew William Marlett
Dylan Ryan Marlow 6
Benjamin David Martignon CL
Daunte Joseph Mastronardi 6
Lucas Alexander Matti
Adina Marcelina Matuszczyk 4 7 CL
Emilyano Joseph Maya
Giuseppe Antonio Mazzella
Claire Elizabeth McBride 1 4 SCL
Jenalyn Marie McCarthy
Morgan Elise McCloud 1 2 4 5 7 SCL
Erin Elisabeth McDonald
Brooke Renee Mecum CL
Peyton Joseph Medovarsky
Owen Caleb Mehr 5
Jaclyn Emma Melasi 1 2 SCL
Eness Meri MCL
Murray Nader Meri 1 4 MCL
Evia Constantina Merkourios 4 CL
Anna Elise Messina
Jack Conner Messina
Kayleigh Marie Messina
Jack Craig Metty 1 4 MCL
Spencer John Michonski CL
Anthony Costa Mickovski
Michael McIntosh Migliazzo 6
Daniel Kalin Mijal
Matteo Mario Milioto
Dylan Joseph Miller
Hunter Michael Miller 4 MCL
Kamden Alexander Miller
Alivia Marie Miriani 1 4 MCL
Noah Christopher Modena
Melanie Michelle Momirovski
Andrew Donovan Moret
Blake Matthew Morris
Larry Joe Morris Jr.
Free Anthony Lukasz Mott
Jeremy Douglas Muise CL
Zachary John Mulawa
Declan Joseph Murphy
Devyn Elisabeth Music 1 2 4 7 SCL
Cameron Anthony Musser
Tiffany Angel Myers CL
Danni Elias Najjar
Alaina Marie Nalou
Nicholas Elio Nardecchia
Kyle Andrew Nash 1 2 4 7 SCL
Joseph Batissta Negro
Kyle Gregory Neid 1 MCL
Mitchell Owen Neifer MCL
Vivian Ha Nguyen 1 2 SCL
Rochelle Irene Niemiec
Jonathan Andrew Nightingale 1 SCL
Dominik Nikaj
Jozef Kola Nikollaj
Anton Nikollbibaj
Pjeter Kole Nikollbibaj
Michael James Nikolovski 1 4 7 MCL
Antonio Nikprelaj
Kendra Nichole Nolan
Julia Kate Nowalski
Christian Glen Nye
Isaac David O'Rourke
Renee Loretta Odrobina 4 CL
Anthony Ognanovich Jr
Maxwell Connor Oliver MCL
Salvatore Rosario Oliveri
Quinn Alainn Olson 1 2 4 5 SCL
Nina Bella Orlando
Caleb Ethan Oyster
Zachariah Christopher Pacheco
Maxwell Anthony Pacitto
Samantha Paige Palazzolo SCL
Grace Meredyth Paliewicz 1 2 4 SCL
Enzo Francesco Palombo 5 CL
Danielle Elise Pancotto
Steven Chet Pancotto 4 CL
Andrew Michael Paolella
Jenna Michelle Parsons
Torin Allen Andrew Patrick
Joel Puthumana Pauline 5
Madelyn Christine Pauzus 4 MCL
Alyssa Noel Peck 4 CL
Julia Angelina Pelchat 4 MCL
Hannah Noelle Pelczarski 4 MCL
Antonio Perez
Zachary Michael Petkoff
Nathan John Pettypool
Corinne Mary Pfeifenberger 4 MCL
Michael Christopher Picciurro
Ariana Marie Alden Pirie
Pietro Vincenzo Pizzo
Isabella Currie Platevoet
Ashley Abagail Pokornicki
Antonina Polarolo 4 SCL
Dominic Michael Polarolo CL
Zachary Joseph Polizzi
Kendra Hailey Pollick 1 4 7 SCL
Lauren Celeste Porter
Lauren Louise Porter CL
Carson Robert Powers 1 SCL
Charles Keegan Powers 4 CL
James Riley Pratt
Isaac Wilson Putrus MCL
Samer Fadi Qaqish
Dino Dominic Raveane II CL
Hannah Joann Raymond 1 2 4 SCL
Jai-Javante Jaden David Reid
Therese Marcella Reinhold 1 4 7 MCL
Mary Grace Rembisz 1 2 SCL
Rebecca Susan Ribbing 4 CL
Ryan Kendall Rice
David Andrew Rider
Carson Scott Riggs
Ricardo Miguel Rios
Lukas Ristovski
Maya Ristovski
Isabella Rose Rizzo
Iain Robert Robb 1 2 4 7 SCL
Alexander Nelson Rocheleau
Quintino Romanelli II 1 4 MCL
AnnMarie Kathleen Romano
Emilio Joseph Romano 1 2 4 7 SCL
Steven Anthony Romano
Alivia Ann Roselli 4 CL
McKenzie Margaret Ross
Gabrielle Marian Roy
Romario Rranza 1 4 7 SCL
Brian Albert Ruch Jr
Luca Joseph Ruffino MCL
Marlissa Benedetta Ruggirello 1 2 4 SCL
Darius-Matias Edmond Rushaj 1 2 7 SCL
Kennedy Wilson Rusicka
Braydin Elizabeth Rutter
Connor Patrick Ryan 1 SCL
Jenna Carol Rzeppa
Jasmine Rafida Sabbagh
Marina Isabella Sacco
Kevin Christopher Sachs MCL
Alexis Mae Sakelaris
Katherine Michelle Salloum 4 CL
Eddie Sanches-Chaires
Maryanna Rose Sanchez
Nicole Trinity Sands 1 3 4 7 SCL
Lauren Nicole Sant
Olivia Marie Saputo 1 4 MCL
Dante Marino Sarti
Joshua James Satow
Johnathan Dale Saunders
Jacob Ryan Schaeff
Kennedy Nicole Schebil
Brianna Nicole Schemansky
Nathan Todd Schemansky
Brandon William Schemers
Hunter James Schifler
Courtney Renee Schleyer
Gabriella Delaney Schorling 1 4 SCL
Nicholas Alexander Schulze
Keaton Josef Schury 4 6 CL
Brooklyn Jade Schwentek
Sydney Paige Sciturro 1 4 SCL
Marisa Jacqueline Scola 1 4 6 MCL
Steve Selmani
Lauren Mary Seymour
Corey Ryan Shafer 5
Deyana Qaisar Shamoon
Connor Patrick Shaw CL
Melissa Marie Sherman
Noelle Catherine Sherry CL
Alyssa Zoe Shindle
Manuel Ghassan Shinko CL 4
Anita Maria Shkreli 7 CL
Kyle Scot Sielagoski
Jillian Nicole Sienko
Stephanos Nicholas Singos
Anthony Sinishtaj
Kristina Sinishtaj
Trevor Daniel Skerbe CL
Samantha Nicole Smearing
Evan Matthew Smiecinski
Gabriella Smiljanovski
Brianna Keelin Smith 1 2 4 SCL
Giuliana Frances Smith
Maximillion Glenn Smith
Derek Edward Smyk 1 MCL
McKenna Leon Sobkowicz
Marc Christopher Socha 1 2 4 5 SCL
Alyssa Pauline Soubliere 1 2 4 SCL
Claire Elizabeth Souder 1 2 5 SCL
Samantha Rae Souder 1 2 5 7 SCL
Rachel Ann Southwell 1 4 MCL
Rebecca Marie Southwell
Austin Michael Souva
Nicholas Anthony Spanos 1 2 6 SCL
Cora LaRue St. John
Amanda Jean Stalnaker
Eric Constantin Stamatin 6
Daniel Goran Stamatovski 1 2 5 SCL
David Gregory Stamatovski 5 CL
Taylor Elizabeth Stanley CL
Alexa Stefanovski
Amanda Stefanovski
Kyle Robert Steffen
Christina Rose Stickley 1 MCL
Adriana Leslie Stirnemann
Jillian Hope Stockard
Nicole Amanda Stojanovski MCL
Jourdyn Keegan Raé Stovall
Riley Elizabeth Stowe 4 7 CL
Cheyanne Rose Sturgill
Caleb Edward Sullivan SCL
Clare Elizabeth Sumners 1 2 4 SCL
Jaclyn Rose Swartz 1 2 4 SCL
Zaid Firas Sweis 1 SCL
Steven Timothy Swidorski MCL
Arham Haider Syed 4 MCL
Anna Kate Szalkowski
John Thomas Tague
Matthew Edstrom Tangen 4 MCL
Michael Edward Tarnacki
Hannah Deborah Taylor
Cesidio Eustachio Terzini 4 MCL
Emily Phipps Thieda 4 7 CL
Deshawn Dupree Thomas
Ferren Michelle Thomas 2 4 SCL
Martain Fitzgerald Thompkins II
Alexis Ann Timm 1 4 7 MCL
Brendan Joseph Tischbein 1 2 SCL
Antonino Benedetto Tocco
Melina Sophia Tofilovski 4 5 MCL
Alexander Michael Tolevich 1 MCL
Max Anthony Tomaszewski 1 2 4 SCL
Dylan James Tomayko
Jorge Gabriel Torres
Miranda Kelli Traxler
Piper Sara Trembour 1 2 4 SCL
Meghan Elise Tremmel 5 CL
Justin Simeon Trpcevski
Andrew Gerald Tschirhart CL
Jonathon Gregory Tschirhart
Marena Rose Tutag
Andrew Phillip Ulmer
Paige Constance Valascho SCL
Lindsay Nicole Valentine MCL
Caroline Emily VanDenBrouck 2 4 SCL
Brayden John VanGilder
Jonathan Steven VanHeusden
Ian Thomas Vermeulen 5 CL
Mason Scott Vetor
Antonia Josephine Vitale 2 4 SCL
Carla Teresa Vitale
Juliette Rose Vitale 4 MCL
Vivian Nicole Viulet 1 4 MCL
Raymond Paul Vizzaccaro
Alessandro William Voss CL
Marco Andrew Vultaggio
Nicholas David Wagner
Abigail Rose Wakefield
Emily Ann Walsh 1 MCL
Jasmine Marie Wardiya MCL
Jeven Riley Wardwell
Abigail Lynn Warner 4 CL
Jaiden Lee Waterloo
Alexis Penny Weaver
Liberty Michelle Webster
Gage Michael Westlake
Tyler Matthew Whipple 5 CL
Nevin Connor Willeke
Donald Graham Wilson Jr.
Alexis Marie Wisniewski CL
Abigail Mary Wittwer 1 2 4 7 SCL
Christian Jon Wu
Alexis Marie Wubbolts
Tessa Lauren Wygocki
Emily Morgan Young 4 CL
Lionel Joe Yousif CL
Melanie Karim Yousif
Mirna Acer Yousif
Valery Soad Yousif
Theodore Clayton Zubeck
Steven John Zwiez