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Eisenhower graduates tell their story of resilience and a bright future
Eisenhower graduates tell their story of resilience and a bright future
Posted on 06/06/2021
Eisenhower Choir

Eisenhower High School Class of 2021 are closing another chapter on their story of resilience, success and a focus on their future.

Senior speaker Ella Kadets opened Sunday’s graduation ceremonies telling her story of having speech issues at an early age, only to be giving the commencement address to nearly 650 of her classmates.

“I had obstacles unique to me early on, but didn’t we all over these past 3 years? Despite this, we each continued to create a version of our own story, with different details and plots,” she said. “Although, there were some similarities. To get here, today, we each had to display focus, determination and work hard.  We completed lots of homework, dealt with the stress of tests, and most recently, played teacher to our parents, having to explain what Zoom was, while adapting to a pandemic. Many setbacks were dealt to us, but we still we prospered, continued to learn, and prepared for our future.”

Senior Mark Gjonaj said the last 15 months will represent a chapter that graduates will learn from as they move forward.

“All of us have experienced some sense of loss through this ordeal,” he said. “I feel the time has come to honor what we have lost while celebrating what we do have, and to go forward with hearts full of gratitude, prepared for what comes next, whatever that may be.”

This year, Eisenhower is graduating 635 seniors. Principal Jared McEvoy noted their many accomplishments:

  • 77 Valedictorians and three Salutatorians
  • 11 Macomb County All-Academic Team Members
  • Four of the top 25 students on the County-wide All Academic Dream Team
  • Two National Merit Semifinalists and eight commended student
  • 105 students are UCS Advanced Placement scholars having earned a 3.67 gpa in four or more Advanced Placement classes.
  • 280 seniors possess a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher
  • 88 are Presidential Award winners having a 3.67 GPA or higher and having earned a 1260 or higher on the SAT or at least a 26 on the ACT. 
  • More than 95 percent who will pursue higher education

Regardless of where your journey’s next step takes you, what life throws at you, nothing can or will stop this class from soaring and remember you were and will forever be an Eisenhower Eagle and your Ike family is here for you, always,” he said.


Superintendent of Schools Robert Monroe said that while the world may be forever changed by the last 15 months, there are a few absolutes that will be part of the graduate’s future.

“No matter your future challenges or successes, there will be people of strength who unconditionally love you,” he said.  “It is a fundamental law of nature that there is an innate goodness in others that war, economic instability or even a pandemic will never destroy.”

Board of Education President Dr. Mary Thomas  spoke to the graduates on each family’s hopes and dreams for the future.

"You will always be in our minds and our hearts," she said.  "We will never stop caring for you."

For Eisenhower graduation, the next chapter begins.

“We must not let the fearful beginnings or sad endings define us,” commencement speaker Mark Gjonaj said.  “Focus on the in-between in life and make the most of it. Remember that nothing in life is handed to you. So, go out there and get it. Don’t let the changes of life control you. Rather, grab onto life and control it. Today marks the day of us, the Class of 2021, stepping into the real world and taking control of it.

Karam Imad Abdulhussein

Lillian Rose Aboona

Kristen Jeffery Abro

Jacob Alexander Ali Abu-Khalil

Luke Logan Adamczyk CL

Shane Richard Adamski

Gabriella Maria Adragna 4 MCL

Abdullah Al Qaysi

Wryle Wisdom Inabangan Alegado

Mahnoor Ali

Farah Alaa Alsamak

Alexandra Alsarih

Jenna Alexis Altman

Juliana Alvarez

Dante Giovanni Amicucci 4 MCL

Giovanni John Ammori

Andrea Michelle Anderson 5

Juliana Josephine Andriolo

Brandon Paul Angst

Ronald Richard Aniel III SCL

Alexis Angelina Anthes 4 SCL

Vincenzo Vittorio Arena

Sydney Grace Arft CL

Isabella Nicole Arini 4 CL

Alexander Scott Asher

Nathan Asmaro

Angelo John Asta 4 6 MCL

Jouliano James Atieh

Leah Marie Attisha 4 CL

Faith Rose Babbie

Brooke Christine Babisch

Marino Laith Bachi

Emma Magnalina Bailie 6 CL

Hayden Robert Baker 4 CL

Dylan Michael Bakun

Collin Zander Baldrica CL

Crystal Marie Ballard

Ellison Riley Ballinger

Madeline Elizabeth Balog 1 2 4 5 7 SCL

Gabriel Meira Bardellin

Kyler Joseph Barrette 1 2 4 5 SCL

Imigin Skye Bashi 4 CL

Anthony Vincent Bastone

Arsinoi Demetra Bastounis 1 4 SCL

Grace Antoinette Bava 4 CL

Kyler Owen Beauchesne

Madeline Margaret Beck 1 2 4 7 SCL

Makayla Rose Belanger

Brooke Elise Belisle 6 CL

Erian DeJon Benson

Kyle Matthew Bergler 1 4 MCL

Aiden Joseph Berry

Abigail Irene Biermann 1 4 7 MCL

Kendall Elizabeth Bills 4 7 SCL

Rachel Kathleen Binando 1 2 4 7 SCL

Austin Michael Binkley 1 4 SCL

Giovanni Christian Biondo

Marcello Biondo

Joseph Robert Bishai

Lauren Marie Bishai 4 SCL

Caterina Stefanie Biundo CL

Hannah Marie Blank

Evan Michael Boardman CL

Elena Hope Boes CL

Samantha Taylor Boeskool

Sydney Victoria Bogden 4 CL

Robert Bojaj

Blake Joseph Bombe 4 CL

Sydney Lynn Boothe

Lola Grace Boyer 1 SCL

Alexander Andrew Brantley-Webster

Riley Kade Brewer

Jacob Michael Brinkmann 1 2 4 SCL

Joseph James Brock

Davison Kelley Brooks

Isabella Lynn Brooks

Kerry Margaret Brown 1 2 4 SCL

Jessica Marie Brozowski

Joseph Michael Brozowski MCL

Bryce Austin Brundirks

Tegan Rose Brunette

Alexis Margaret Bruno 2 4 7 SCL

Brendan Jermaine Burnside 4 MCL

Maria Lynn Burton 4 7

Jack Anthony Buscemi

Kira Lynn Buza 1 SCL

Taylor Renee Byrne 1 2 4 7 SCL

Kristina Bzhetaj 7

Bianca Mary Elena Candela 1 2 4 5 SCL

Jacob Alexander Carcamo

Anthony Louis Cardamone CL

Logan Wayne Catanese

Dominic Gino Catenacci 1 2 SCL

Thomas Onorio Catenacci 4 CL

Gage Michael Cazara

Michael Alexander Chaffee

Yulisa Chaires Sanchez

Jacob Thomas Champa 4 6 CL

Ariel Kanglu Chang 4 MCL

Allison Rose Chapman 4 SCL

Nathanial Edward Cherwinski

Parker Gregory Chinn

Alfonso Joseph Chirco CL

Kimberly Ann FuJin Chockley 6

Emily Nicole Chriss

Michelle Anne Christoff

Brendan Min Chung

Prestyn Joseph Chyba

Kaleigh Jo Cieslak 4

Francesca Rose Cipriano 1 2 4 SCL

Grace Anne Cisneros

Wyatt Denver Clark 6 7

Axl Lee Clay

Brandon Steven Cody

Imani Gabriele Coger 1 2 4 5 SCL

Chloe Lou Cole

Isabella Clarin Cole

Cecilia Marie Colley

Celia Lee Collis 2 4 SCL

Brandon Paul Conover MCL

Magdalena Ann Considine

Sophia Judith Considine 2 4 SCL

Chadwick Sanford Cooper

Juliana Ilene Crews

Sophia Rose Croce 4 MCL

Gabriella Assunta Crocenzi

Dalton Carl Crum 1 2 4 7 SCL

Rosario Joseph Curcuru 1 7 SCL

Francesco Antonio Cusumano

Ava Nicole Dal Pra

Emma Elizabeth Daleo

Natalie Grace D'Alessandro

Cristina Maria D'Aristotile

Brandon Michael Davies 1 2 SCL

Brooke Lynn DeClark 2 4 SCL

Jason Deda

Evan James DeJong 4 MCL

Megan Elizabeth DeLadurantaye CL

Marisa Assunta DeMaria 1 4 SCL

Nina Marie DeMercurio CL

Brian Michael Demsich 4 6 SCL

Evan Arthur Deras

Mitchell David Deras 4 MCL

Roger Joseph DeSaele MCL

Ohm Desai 4 5 7 MCL

Jenna Marie DeVoogd 7

Isha Dhillon

Carson Allan Dietz

Cameron Harold DiLabio

Thomas Philip Dilger MCL

Lena Grace DiLiddo

Sergio Anthony DiLisio 1 4 SCL

Nicolo Sebastiano DiMaio

Ava Katherine DiNatale 4 CL

Nathan Quoc-Thai Dinh 4 CL

Ashley Elizabeth Dionne

Leka Marko Djekovic

Mia Doncic CL

Savanna Eileen Dorsey

Maria Elizabeth Dotson 1 4 7 SCL

Joyce McKenzie Drayer

Alexis Madison Drost 1 2 4 SCL

Luke James Drzewiecki

Kavan Farrell Duda

Dalton Francis Dueweke 4 MCL

Brendan David Duffy CL

Lilliana Christine Dukaj 2 4 SCL

Michael Dukaj

Dean Jacob Durham

Christian Dushaj

Aaron Jackson Ebury

Mackenzie Elizabeth Empson

Isaac Charles English

Maricio Duraid Enwiya

Alexandria Ann Essak

Amelia Marie Evans 6 MCL

Alessia Marie Evola

Sydney Morgan Farenger

Drake Scott Ferguson 1 2 SCL

Nina Rose Ferraro MCL

Rylee Ann Field 4 MCL

Alec Joseph Fletemier 1 2 4 SCL

Ava Justine Fox MCL

Jaxon Taylor Fox MCL

Alyssa Marie Fuca 4 MCL

Tommy Malloy Furnari

Jaxxon Adrian Gagala

Rocco Anthony Galati

Garrett Bernard Gambaro 1 2 4 SCL

Alexandra Elizabeth Gardner

Jacob James Garner

Anthony Charles Gasperoni 6

Tyler Ignazio Genova

Mario Dante' Getaw Jr. MCL

Trevor Daniel Gifford 6

Alessandra Joy Gigliotti 3 4 SCL

Jozefina Gilnikaj

Aleksander Francis Gjelaj SCL

James Gjokaj

Mark Gjonaj

Gage Mise Gjorgjeski

Gladys P Godly 1 MCL

Angelina Gojcaj

Jozef Gojcaj CL

Olivia Makayla Golembiewski CL

William Michael Goodman

Maria Isabella Goolsby 5

Samuel Peter Grace

Michael Paul Grant 4 5 CL

Molly Grace Gravelle

Tyler Anthony Graye 1 4 SCL

Michael Paul Greco 1 SCL

Blake Michael Greenwood

Jamie Marie Greenwood 1 2 4 SCL

Anthony Joseph Griffith

Emma Ann Griffiths 4 MCL

Angela Rose Grillo 1 2 4 SCL

Anthony Frank Grillo SCL

Tristan Cole Grove

Sofia Marie Guarnieri

Correy James Guerrero

Marcello Aguinaldo Guglielmetti 6 MCL

Vincent Emanuele Guglielmetti

Alexander Douglas Guzdziol 4 MCL

Nathan Michael Habbouche

Caitlin Kelly Hagen 1 2 4 SCL

Richard Gary Haines 1 2 SCL

Cassidy Erica Hamilton 4 MCL

Caroline Lena Hanna

Cheyenne Kay Hanson

Emma Faith Hanson

Olivia Teagan Harris

Kimberly Marie Hartley 4 CL

Alex Matthew Hawkins 4 CL

Jacqueline Marie Hawkins 1 2 4 7 SCL

Chase Steven Henderson

Magdalene Elizabeth Hendricks 4 CL

Ace Hue Her

Giovanni Adel Herfy

Delicia Destiny Hill

Brandon Charles Hineman 1 2 4 5 SCL

Simon Hoang 1 CL

Jordyn Elizabeth Holfield

Raphell Xavier Holland

Natalie Elise Holtz

Ashley Michelle Homann 1 2 4 7 SCL

Alicia Marie Horecki 4 7 MCL

Rachel Ann Horecki 1 SCL

Collin Clark Horne

Margaret Ann Howell 1 4 SCL

Dana Hu 5

Hannah Dianne Hubert

SuAnn Marie Humphrey 4 CL

Thomas James Hunter 4 6 MCL

Sereana Renée Ibrahim 1 4 SCL

Angelina Ilijevski 1 2 4 7 SCL

Brett Andrew Imby 4 MCL

Faariah Imtiaz 1 2 4 SCL

Muanqa Imtiaz 1 2 4 7 SCL

Carly Louise Irwin 4 CL

Daniel Robert Ivezaj

Hailee Marie Jackson

Cassandra Jakaj

Maximus Owen Jakubowski

Bralen LeBron James

Noelle Alyssa Jankowiak

Rose Clare Jaynes SCL

Dona Samer Jazrawy 1 2 SCL

Joseph Anthony Jecks

Jerrell Keon Jenkins

Collin Matthew Job CL

Steven Patrick Johnson

Tarone Donovan Johnson

Trey Alexander Johnson 4 7 MCL

Caleb Eli Joseph CL

Timothy Allan Judkins II

Benjamin Martin Judson 6

Maralayna Stephanie Juncaj

Kylie Alexis Kade 3 4 SCL

Ella Brooke Kadets 4 CL

Dylan Michael Karol

Toma Steve Kassab

Emily Adair Kaye

James Craig Kearney 6

David Ryan Kedrow

Nathan Robert Kempf

Justin Aubrey Kendricks II

Emily Anne Kennedy 1 2 4 SCL

Marquise Allen Kewley

Hafsa Khan

Andreh Fanan Khosho 1 2 4 SCL

Shealee Elizabeth King 1 4 SCL

Angelo Andy Kirma

Mia Katelyn Kirschenheiter-Syts CL

Molly Rose Klein

Olivia Catherine Klemme 1 MCL

Allison Marie Klimek 1 2 4 SCL

Louie Alan Klinger

Devin August Klouse

James Sampson Knoflach 5 CL

Alexander Michael Kolarik

Kevin Koleci

Jacob Calvin Korber

Kaitlin Josephine Korich

Camille Evelina Korski 4 CL

Dorie Eleni Kosmides 4 MCL

Noah James Koss

Mary Frances Kotsonis 4 SCL

Mark Daniel Kotula 1 4 MCL

Jacob Nicholas Kovacs

Amanda Marie Koziol 1 2 4 5 SCL

Hunter Collin Kraemer 2 4 SCL

Jason Richard Kraski

Marisa Nicole Krolewski 4 CL

Thomas Patrick Kudela

Kennedy Grace Kullman 1 2 4 5 SCL

Justin Craig Labon 1 2 SCL

Matthew Derek Deang Lacap

Peyton Marie Laino

Benjamin Carter LaLonde

Colin Lee Lancaster

Andrew Michael Lang CL

Grace Avery Lange 1 4 7 MCL

Todd Philip Langenderfer Jr.

Jacob Paul Langtry

Nicholas William Lardomita

Samuel Joseph LaRocca 6 MCL

Marko Lazri CL

Kolbe David Le

Cameron Joseph Ledbetter

Lucie Ann Lee

Grace Valentina Leone

Marco Rocco Leone

Olivia Maria Leone 1 SCL

Meghan Christine Lepkowski 4 MCL

Carson Loren L'Esperance 1 2 SCL

Meah Marcia Lester

Samantha Marie Lewis MCL

Emma Faye Leykauf 4 MCL

Gabriella Eva Licari

Salvatore Antonio Licari

Kendell Kerri Lind CL

Dominick Daniel Linowski

Bryan Douglas Little

Melissa Ljucovic

Maria Alessandra LoChirco 4 MCL

Marcus Lamar Logan

Jasmine Caprice Logan-Ridley

Dayton James Long 6

Gabriella Milana Lopez

Aaron Edward Lutz CL

Alexandra Michelle Lutz

Lauren Nicole Lutz 4 CL

Adam Wlodzimierz Lyjak 1 2 4 7 SCL

Amelia June MacDonald

Grace Natalie Mackinder

Natalia Madero Paredes CL

Natalija Makrievski

Duvon Lahib Mamou

Shawn Lahib Mamou

Alainna Marie Mancani 1 2 4 SCL

Lucia Melinda Mancini 1 2 4 7 SCL

Jenna Elizabeth Mandia 4 MCL

Marissa Rose Mangiapane 1 4 7 SCL

Marissa Lauren Maniaci MCL

Nicolina Marie Manzella

Antonio Onofrio Manzo 4 CL

Emerson Grace Manzo CL

Parker Stone Markham

Sabrina Maria Marku 4 MCL

Marissa Judith Marlett 4 SCL

Michael Joseph Marsack

Scotty Ray Martello II CL

Amira Ziara Martin

Jadyn Christiana Martin

Brooke Alexandria Mastronardi 2 4 7 SCL

Olivia Grace Materna MCL

Marisa Alexandra Matoski

Michael Alden Mattiello

Paul Joseph Mazzara 4 CL

Davio Mazzella MCL

Michael Gerald McCabe

Brenden Robert McCauley

Alex John McConkie 6

Ian Lewis McFarland

Joseph Frederick McGivern IV 6 CL

Kyra Lee McKenzie

Kelsey Patricia McLean 1 2 4 7 SCL

Evan Ray McNutt 1 4 MCL

Wayne Charles Meech 1 2 4 SCL

Mia Skye Mehalko MCL

Aston Cole Mehr 5

Christina Rose Merski 4 MCL

Samantha Brooke Messina MCL

Lauren Audrey Maile Messing 4 SCL

Madelyn Frances Mets 1 4 7 SCL

Samantha Leigh Metzger

Julian Philip Meyers

Lillian Guinevere Meyers

Pierse Maureen Meyers CL

Joseph Stanley Michonski 1 2 4 7 SCL

Veronica Sophie Miga

Netala Suhale Mikha 1 4 MCL

Aleya Barbara Miller 1 2 4 5 SCL

Matthew Craig Mills

Russell Louis Milne CL

Jacob Robert Milot

Angel Minto 1 3 4 SCL

Nina Rose Miriani

Annalee Kristine Misch 4 5 MCL

Alexis Adrienne Mitchell

Mario Lugo Monjaras

Aishani Haresh Moradia 1 2 4 5 SCL

Megan Elizabeth Morris

Evan Joseph Mowers

Kara Ann Mueller 6 MCL

Madison Marie Muller 1 4 MCL

Luca William Multhaupt CL

Tyler Nicholas Mulville

Autumn Skye Murfey

Meaghan Reilly Murphy

Adam Robert Musilli

Katelyn Marie Naert 4 MCL

Dominic Joseph Nalou

Zachary Thomas Nanni

Elle Kathleen Nicholson 1 2 4 7 SCL

Kyle Steven Niedzwiecki

Breeanna Spasa Nikolovski CL

Nastassia Marie Nikprelaj

Kristjan Nilaj

Stephanie Marie Nocita 1 4 SCL

Ava Elizabeth Nofs

Allison Nicole Nolff

Randall Alan Novak

Logan Michael Nowak

Antonetta Hana Nucullaj

Valentina Nucullaj

Abby Marie Oleski 1 2 4 6 SCL

Nicholas Carson Oliver MCL

Jack Filippo Oliveri 4 MCL

Dylan Grace Olsen

Andrew James Olson 1 2 4 SCL

Christopher John Oltean 1 2 5 SCL

Kelsey Stephanie Oprita-Adams

Anthony Rocco Ormachea SCL

Miles Anthony Ortolan 1 2 4 7 SCL

Grace Emily Pabian CL

Jacob Alexander Pacheco

Sydney Jolie Palazzolo SCL

Claudiu Ciprian Pampu

Morgan Allison Pankiewicz 4 MCL

Zachary James Pass 5

Andrea Alice Paul 1 4 SCL

Matthew Jacob Pellegrino 1 4 MCL

Aidan James Pendleton

Kai Thomas Pendleton 1 2 SCL

Steven Joseph Petrovski 1 2 4 5 SCL

Julia Leigh Petterle 4 6 MCL

Rainer David Pfeffer 4 7 MCL

Taryn Margaret Pfeifenberger 4 MCL

Chloe Catherine Pierce 4 SCL

Olivia Ashley Pine

Kaden Elliott Pletos

Aaron Michael Podoris 4 6 CL

Gwendolyn Rose Pogodzinski MCL

Giavonna Kaylee Polizzi 1 2 SCL

Jonathan Cosmin Popa

Bianca Simona Popovski 2 4 SCL

Jaden Elizabeth Potance

Paige Elizabeth Powers SCL

Jenna Eva Price

Nicholas David Price

Natalie Elizabeth Provo

Elena Helen Putrus SCL

Owen Edward Quirk

Diana Amanda Racolta CL

Hariharan Ramakrishnan 1 2 4 5 SCL

Seth Thomas Reiff

Cara Rose Reneski 5

Roman Lee Reno

Jordan William Rey

Ian Andrew Reynolds

Evan Nathaniel Rice

Heather Lynn Rice 4 MCL

Kayla Ann Rice

Maria Antoinette Riggio

Mason Ames Riggs

Jordan Nicole Rinke 6 CL

Andrea Elizabeth Rios

Milena Savica Ristovski 4 CL

Jonas Daniel Rizek 6

Joseph Ronald Rizzo 4 5 MCL

Adriana Maria Robinson

Anijah Breshun Robinson

Christopher Rogowski

Anthony Michael Roncato

Michael Douglas Rossow

Lancelot Alexander Rounds 1 2 5 SCL

Maddison Ann Rouse

Kathryn Elizabeth Roy 4 MCL

Sara Elizabeth Rudich

Ethan James Rutledge

Nash Everett Rutter

Olivia Manuela Ruvolo

Daniel Joseph Rzeppa 1 2 4 5 SCL

Abigail Marie Saliba CL

Alexander Farah Salmo

Samantha Grace Santos

Benjamin Lee Saunders SCL

Nicklaus Connor Schaeff

Thomas Patrick Schafer 2 4 SCL

Julianna Elizabeth Scharret 4 MCL

Olivia Ann Scholl

Matthew Keaton Schultheis

Breanna Hope Scott

Emma Paige Seaglund

Justice Avery Seay 1 4 MCL

Elaine Yuson Sejismundo 1 5 SCL

Shane Patrick Sexton

Teresa S. Shallal

Brian David Sharp

Alexis Mae Sharplin MCL

Elise Sandra Shellenbarger CL

Hailey Christine Sherman

Jenna Paige Sielagoski 2 4 SCL

Jacob Ronald Siemen 1 2 4 5 SCL

David Michael Sienko

Diana Giovina Silveri 1 2 4 SCL

Linda Lindita Sinishtaj

Lucas Sinistaj CL

Brendan Michael Skerbe MCL

Devon John Skladanowski

Chloe Marie Smearing

Avery Emerson Smith

Cheyenne Rose Smith

Erik Brazelton Smith

Liam Reilly Smith 1 2 4 5 SCL

Megan Kelly Smith 4 MCL

Peter James Snider

Sogeek Sogomon

Nicholas Thomas Sondey

Madison Anne Sorensen 4 MCL

Ellie Bree St. John

Leah Cecelia Stackpoole 1 2 4 SCL

Djuro Stamevski

Fara Ann Stanczak 4 MCL

Maja Susan Stanek

Olivia Nicole Steele 6

Mark Alan Stefaniak

Lukasz Marian Strzelczyk CL

Marialisa Sugameli

Heidi Lynn Sullivan

Abel Georgie Sunil

Katina Bianca Sutarov

Shelby Grace Sweet

Curtis Joseph Szpont 6

Alana Maria Tabbi MCL

Lauren Talo

Acacia Elle Tan 4 CL

Jack Thomas Tanghe

Jessica Tarja 1 4 SCL

Nicholas R. Tatum

Liliana Maria Tavoularis

Austin James Teichman

Marina Sara Terenzi 4 MCL

Alexandria Therese Terry 1 4 MCL

Pietro Gabriele Terzini 1 4 MCL

Chloe Jane Thieda 1 2 4 SCL

Nicole Jeanette Thomas 4 MCL

Alissa Nicole Thompson

Emma Nicole Thompson

Olivia Adison Thompson

Nikolas Vladimir Tofilovski 4 6 SCL

Presley Lynn Tolevich

Sydney Marie Townsend 4 CL

Max Richard Trembour SCL

Angelena Natalie Tripi 1 2 4 SCL

Natalie Marie Ujkaj

Gabriel Vata Ulaj CL

Anna Alesia Uldedaj 4 7 MCL

Nina Marie Valenza

Elle Taylor Anne Valicevic 4 MCL

David Zachary VanDaele

Erin Jo VandenBrink CL

Tyler Matthew VanDenBrouck

Vincent Angelo Vandro

Anika Hanna Varughese

Maicol Veggian

Luigi Paolo Ventimiglia

Isabella Shae Ventimiglio CL

Victoria Renee Verellen 1 2 4 7 SCL

Katheryn Michelle Villanueva

Nicolas Victor Viulet 1 2 4 5 SCL

Gabriele Voi

Ardi Pashko Vukaj

Josephine Marie Vulaj 1 2 4 7 SCL

Hailey Lynn Wade

Ava Elaine Waligora 4 7 CL

David Thomas Wallace 1 2 4 7 SCL

Grace Antoinette Walters 4 CL

Stefania Elise Ward 1 2 4 SCL

Aidan Jeffery Wardzinski

Alexander Scott Warner MCL

Gage Raymond Warnes

Faith Elizabeth Watson 4 MCL

Alysia Rose Weber

Ava Denise Weingartz

Samuel Patrick Wentzel

Brendon Michael-Jacob Werner

Kendall Marie Westgate 1 4 SCL

Madison Isabella Westlake

Devin Allen White CL

Tyler Steven Whiteside

Gabriel Matthew Whitt 4 CL

Erin Sarah Widman 1 2 4 SCL

Bryce Martin Will

Calista Jaye Wilson 4 MCL

Emma Catherine Winters SCL

Emily Anne Wise 7 SCL

Jackson Dailey Wittwer 1 4 MCL

Collin Edward Wold MCL

Chloe Sandra Wolfe 4 MCL

Amanda Nicole Wolffis 1 2 4 SCL

Ashley Nicole Wood

Mackenzie Leigh Woolner

Alec Justin Wubbolts

Ethan Fue Chi Yang

Noelle Elizabeth Yasso CL

Joseph Michael Yatooma

Jalal Talal Yelda CL

Andrew Issa Yousif 5

Anecia Gabriella Yousif

Dimitre Tony Yousif

Maher Acer Yousif

Petros Mazin Zaitouna CL

Dylan Michael Cooper Zander

Matthew Skyler Zielinski 4 SCL

Total # of Graduates: 643



SCL = Summa Cum Laude GPA 3.9 and above

MCL = Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.7 - 3.89

CL = Cum Laude GPA 3.5 - 3.69


1 UCS Advanced Placement Scholar

2 Valedictorian

3 Salutatorian

4 National Honor Society

5 Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology

6 Utica Center for Science and Industry

7 UCS Seal of Global Language Candidate