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Ike Theatre presents Bye Bye Birdie
Popular Musical will be performed March 3-5
UCS student helps drive auto show with Best in Show design
Student earns top digital award

From The Principal

It won’t be long before counselors will begin meeting with students to start scheduling for the 2017-2018 school year. Parents, please take the time to read over the scheduling materials your child will receive.
Review your child’s goals and career pathways as you work together to select appropriate classes. Parent involvement is very important as you assist your student(s) in making the best choices for next year’s schedule. A curriculum guide describing each course is available on the UCS website under Academics --> Secondary --> Student Curriculum Guides

To view our latest edition of the Flight of the Eagle, please visit this link.  

Our Vision

Eisenhower High School is committed to providing Excellence in Education for all students. The school will design programs and learning experiences that promote academic achievement and the personal and social growth of every student. As a richly diverse community of learners that values all its members, Eisenhower High School will assume a central role in the community by linking parents, local agencies and businesses to the school.

Our Mission

The Mission of Eisenhower High School is to foster academic and personal excellence. The staff along with parents and community will prepare students with the knowledge and skills to compete in a technological and global world. The safe and nurturing environment at E.H.S. in conjunction with a rigorous comprehensive curriculum will prepare students for graduation not only to succeed in college and careers but also to become informed, responsible citizens who respect diversity and value life-long learning.

Academic Blitz

Area families can create a successful game plan for their children’s educational future at the tenth annual Utica Community Schools Academic Blitz on Thursday, February 2 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Henry Ford II High School, 11911 Clinton River Road in Sterling Heights.

The event is open to all area families interested in specific options available for UCS students.

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Utica Community Schools is Michigan's second largest school district.   

Student achievement in the district outpaces all county, state and national averages. The district's graduation rate is 12 points higher than the state average and students and staff are regularly honored for excellence.

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