Eisenhower students in tune with financial literacy
Eisenhower students in tune with financial literacy
Posted on 05/04/2017
Performer in front of screen talking about financial literacy

Eisenhower students recently got in tune with the importance of financial literacy.

Students marked Money Smart Week with a unique performance by national touring band Gooding, which mixes rock performances with testimony of the artists; life lessons on finance.

“As GOODING says, music makes the medicine go down,” said teacher Derek D’Angleo, an Eisenhower economics teacher. “The band brought so much energy in their performance and gained the respect of the students.”

Part of Gooding’s authenticity comes from his own financial misconceptions early in his career.

“Some people think rock and roll and financial literacy don’t have much to do with each other, but they actually do,” Gooding said. “It wasn’t until I saw what we do as a business that it began allowing us the freedom to do what we wanted. We’re on our own music label now so we play what we want to play and tour how we want to tour. We wouldn’t be able to do it if we weren’t investing in ourselves.”

The band is famous for their music placement on CSI, Criminal Minds, Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show, DVDs of Iron Man 2 and Walk the Line, Suicide Squad and more.

Inspired by their work with Quincy Jones as part of Operation HOPE, they helped create Funding the Future, a non-profit charitable organization that teaches kids the importance of financial literacy.

“The band doesn't sing about opening a checking account or making sure you don't take on too much student loan debt,” said D’Angleo, who is president of the President of the Michigan Council on Economic Education. “They play their own original rock music that engages the students and opens their ears to the financial literacy message that comes at the end of the show.”

The Michigan Council on Economic Education (MCEE) has coordinated these concerts that are funded by various Raymond James Advisors. The concert at Eisenhower was sponsored by Colleen Schon from Anthem Advisors of Rayond James.

Money Smart Week is a public awareness initiative of the Federal Reserve.

Other initiatives to celebrate Money Smart Week in UCS this week were Money Smart Week Magic Shows that were hosted at Havel & Jack Harvey Elementary Schools.