UCS student excels at Johns Hopkins study program
UCS student excels at Johns Hopkins study program
Posted on 08/25/2017
Morgan sitting on a brick wall near the Johns Hopkins sign

Utica Community Schools junior Morgan McCloud already knows she is prepared for college coursework – more than two years before her high school graduation.

McCloud has her first college “A” and three credits from Johns Hopkins University after spending five weeks this summer at an engineering camp at its Baltimore campus.

“It has given me a lot of confidence to continue, and feel I was very well prepared for the challenge,” McCloud said.

McCloud’s experience mirrors the accomplishments of UCS students throughout the district, who spent time at academic programs and internships at colleges and universities across the country. 

“Our district’s College Culture encourages summer study to ensure students are looking beyond graduation at their post-secondary options,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said. “Morgan’s hard work shows how our students are gaining entry and excelling at some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions.”

McCloud is an Eisenhower High School junior who also attends the Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Her five-week Engineering Innovation program – sponsored by the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins - provides an overview of computer engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science, civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

“It covered topics that I wanted to know more about,” she said. “It helped me identify the area that I want to pursue, which is biomedical engineering.”

The course required her to prepare a presentation based on a Request for Proposal, study engineering economics, and successfully complete a research paper, weekly exams and a comprehensive final exam.

She said she would encourage her classmates to pursue the opportunity at Johns Hopkins or other colleges. Only about four percent of the students applying are accepted at the Johns Hopkins engineering summer program.

“It is definitely a program where a student needs to be 100 percent engaged,” she said.

McCloud indicated next year she will pursue being a Teacher Assistant in the program.